Year Round Use: This flat panel system generates 130 degree (F) hot water in 20 degree (F) weather.

The Solar Advantage.

- System payback of 4 to 5 years.

- The sun generates hot water for your property.

- A super efficient backup system guarantees hot water 24/7. 

- Savings generate extra income every year- guaranteed. 

The Look of Clean Energy.

Manhattan brownstones, multi-family apartment buildings and more: a Solar USA system is built on the exact needs of the client.

With a typical five year payback after installation, owners receive 25+ years of free hot water. 

We personally guarantee each system for your complete satisfaction.

Evacuated Tube System for Domestic Hot Water & Radiant Floor Heat, Roslyn, NY

Declare Your Independence.

Join the millions of people across the nation who earn thousands from saving on their heating costs.

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*Source: Residential Energy Consumption Survey: United States Deparment of Energy.