Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take to recoup my investment?
For a property that spends 25% of its electricity bill on hot water heating, the payback can be as quickly as 3-5 years. After the payback, you can enjoy free hot water for an additional 20-25 years.

Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electricity?
Yes. When averaged over a year, a correctly sized solar system can provide 70%-100% of your hot water needs. The hot water system works with your existing boiler for guaranteed performance, regardless of sunlight levels.

Is it easy for businesses to switch over to solar energy?
Solar USA makes it incredibly simple to switch over. We provide a total energy solution, from the initial inspection and design to the  installation of your complete system. You will enjoy the benefits of a Solar USA system immediately after the installation.

Will the Solar Panels work on my building?
Solar Panels work on virtually every commercial, industrial and residential home. To make sure solar can work on your rooftop, call us for an inspection today. 718-784-4239.

Can solar collectors be used in cold conditions?
Absolutely. Our collectors can be used in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. The difference in performance between winter and summer is approximately 5%.

Will water be heated on a cloudy day?
Yes. Although the heat output of the solar collector is reduced on overcast days it will still be able to provide hot water. Due to the high efficiency of our solar storage tanks, they can store the previous day's hot water for several days.

Can I use a solar collector with my existing hot water system?
Yes. Your new hot water solar system becomes your primary hot water with your existing hot-water heater becoming your backup.

Are the solar collectors noticeable on the roof?
If the collector is mounted on the roof it should blend into the roof design quite well. Our solar collectors are very thin and can be flush mounted on a roof. From a distance they look somewhat like a skylight. You may have to check with your local building department regarding building restrictions when installing your solar collector.

Can your solar collectors be mounted on a flat surface?

Yes. They may be mounted on a flat roof, or on the ground by using a stainless steel roof frame. The collector in this area should be installed at a 60 degree angle to ensure optimal performance during the months of December through February.

Can the solar collector heat water to a high enough temperature?
Yes. The system will be designed to provide a daily temperature rise of around 100 degrees Fahrenheit year round. We sensibly size solar water heating system to ensure optimal performance and minimal wastage of water.

What maintenance of the solar collector is required?

Under normal circumstances no maintenance of the system is required. Due to the shape of the tubes, regular rainfall and wind helps keep the tubes clean. Should a tube brake we recommend replacing it. This, however, is an easy job. Our solar collectors can operate with several broken tubes, however, the efficiency will be reduced slightly.

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